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The Canadian Ski Patrol Central Zone Motorcycle Emergency Response Unit (M-ERU) is a recent service offering of Central Zone that provides trained patrollers with a high degree of mobility, for road events in the summer months. It is the first Motorcycle ERU in North America to be part of the International Fire & EMS Motorcycle Response Unit Association.

Motorcycle ERU members are all certified CSP patrollers with a passion for motorcycle riding. They all receive additional training under the guidance of trained motorcycle instructors, (some who volunteer their services and are members of police services) with a focus on safe riding, accident site management on the roadside, interaction with police, fire and EMS and professionalism.

Motorcycle ERU members must complete standard CSP AFA training, including Field Day and attend an additional Field Day Training Exercise each year. Motorcycles are provided by each member and must meet certain minimum standards.


If you don’t ski or snowboard, you can still participate in the comraderie of the Canadian Ski Patrol by becoming a 4 Season Event patroller.  Training is the same, only the venues are different. Many of our members in Central Zone work closely with our M-ERU as part of our Bicycle Emergency Response Unit.