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08:00 – 09:00: Morning sweep. Before the resort opens to the public, patrollers systematically check the trails for any hazardous conditions or items that need to be addressed according to local area procedures.

09:00 – 12:00: On patrol. Once the slopes are open to the public, patrollers are free to ski, taking into account the resort terrain and patroller coverage. Everyone on duty will interact with ski are a guests, promote the area, respond to accident calls, and provide safety tips.

12:00 – 13:00: Lunch. So that continuous coverage of the slopes is ensured, not everyone eats at the same time but there will be time for a break.

13:00 – Closing: Patrollers continue to patrol the slopes. In the event that someone gets injured, the patrol is ready to respond, working in teams to immobilize any injury and safely transport any patient by rescue toboggan to the first aid room. Patrollers are always busy. If not attending to someone who is injured, they help to find lost children, guide people to runs, and provide valuable safety information to the public.

Closing – End-of-day sweep: Patrollers take a final run down each trail, to ensure that no guest is left behind at the end of the day. During this final “sweep” of the ski area, they also report any safety issues that may have arisen during the day so that area management can address them prior to opening the slopes the next day.

After sweep: After a long day, patrollers often come together to chat about the high points of the day. This camaraderie is one of the many benefits enjoyed by patrollers.