Training Zone

Time to get training! Our training takes place year-long on a cycle. If you are unsure where in the cycle you are, talk to your AFA (Advanced First Aid) training coordinator or Patrol Leader.

Yellow Card

The first step to recertifcation is completing your yellow card. It must be complete before you show up to a recertification day.

Did you know? You can sign up for one of the sign-off courses taking place this Fall through ZIMS to complete this step. Two new courses have just been added, but don’t delay!

Please note, for operational reasons the yellow cards have now been centralized at Zone office. Instructor sign off on these cards must be organized through a scheduled course to ensure accuracy of training records as we approach the snow season.

Renew your Membership!

Log onto your ZIMS to renew your membership for the 17/18 season.

Register for a Re-certification Course

Once you have renewed your membership, just like last year, you will need to sign up for a course date to complete two things:
-Diagnostic Skill
-Written Exam

This year the course will only take approximately 3 hours!

Start getting ready by downloading the NEW 2017 manual and exam review.

REMEMBER: yellow card skills and your e-learning module must be completed prior to attending your AFA recertification.


Similar to last year, you will need to complete the educational section of the re-certification online. Register early to avoid delays!

New members or late registrations may see a delay of up to a week as our busy e-learning volunteers need to manually get you started. Don’t wait! Get your e-learning started early by registering for a re-certification course today!

For more information about e-learning download the student PDF here.

Online Exam Pilot

As part our ongoing efforts to improve the training process and make it easier for you we are testing online examination.

Please note, this format is not recommended for all users. However, if you would like to be part of our pilot read here for more information.