Thank you Instructors!

At this point in the year we have now trained over 70 new recruits and recertified over 450 returning patrollers – this monumental effort was only possible thanks to over 90 members of the Central Zone training team contributing a combined 4200 hours.

This would not be possible without all the AFA instructors who helped out with new patroller training, AFA, BLS and Core Skill recertification activities, as well as the AFA Coordinators and Course Coordinators at each patrol who contribute a huge effort to organize all the various courses and activities to certify us each year.

A special shout out to the e-Learning team for their support and to Brenda Lynch and Glen Doyle for their leadership of the returning patroller recertification and new patroller training programs. 

We should be incredibly proud of our dedicated team for pulling together another outstanding year!

Want to step up and join the training team? Talk to your PL or AFA coordinator at your hill to learn how – and stay tuned for Instructor Training Courses to take place in the off-season.