On a Roll: Emergency Response Units

The CSP is on a roll! We are pleased to announce the creation of a new department within Central Zone: Emergency Response Units.

This new unit confirms that the CSP is not just a winter pursuit! Originally just a keen group of patrollers asked to hop on their bikes for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, the concept has continued to evolved. The bike team was first launched by Al McInnes and nurtured by Bruce Robinson, followed later by a motorcycle contingent fostered by Blair Wallhouse and Corbee Dutchburn.

This team will be responsible for the continuation, operational aspects and development of the Bicycle Emergency Response Unit, Motorcycle Emergency Response Unit, wheeled operations and future relationships with other bicycle and motorcycle organizations. This move will also ensure that efforts in this area do not interfere with our focus on our traditional snow sliding efforts.

The Department will be led by Corbee Dutchburn, who has been appointed Vice President Emergency Response Units. Reporting to Corbee will be the Patrol Leaders for all wheeled units (bicycle, motorcycle, automotive) involved in the road activities Central Zone participates in.

Please join me in congratulating Corbee on his new appointment and celebrating this exciting new ski patrol frontier.