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Did you know the CSP is partnered with Collingwood Hospital?

For the third year running the CSP has moved to expand our educational partnership with Collingwood General Marine Hospital (CGMH) and the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) – offering an Observership Program.

Approved patrollers with a minimum of 3 years service can apply to visit CGMH Emergency Room for an observation and education hospital shift. 

This visit offers the chance for our patrollers to meet our medical partners, learn about the advance care process and see how we, as CSP members, fit into the continuum of patient care.

Application Process

Everyone is encouraged to apply, but due to a limited number of shifts at the hospital, not all applications may be accepted. Priority and emphasis will be placed on patrollers involved in education and leadership within the patrol.

Talk to your patrol leader, and apply via ZIMS.

If you have any questions contact Brian Mitchell ( or 705-444-6061.


How do I apply in ZIMS?

First – let your Patrol Leader know of your intention. You will require their express approval to get on the list.

Once approved, request a “Visiting Shift” at the “Collingwood Hospital” resort. 

If you are accepted to the program, you will need to complete a registration package which will be emailed to you separately.

Am I a good candidate?

Everyone is invited to participate, but priority will be given to patrollers involved in leadership and education roles.

Patroller should be:

Experienced – with a minimum of 3 years patrolling experience or work in the health care field (nurse, EMS, firefighter etc)

Involved in Leadership/Educational Initiatives – someone who is a past or present APL’s Day Leaders, AFA/OSR Instructors (includes AI’s and IT’s), leaders of fundraising or special events, or relatively new patrollers with high potential to advance.