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President’s Cup: After Dark Edition 2020

Date February 1, 2020
Competition Location Mount St. Louis Moonstone
Set Up Time TBD
Judges, Marshals, Patients, Casualty-Simulation Team Arrival 1:30 p.m.
Teams Arrival 2:30 p.m.
Finish Time Appx. 8:30 p.m.
Registration $125 per team
(If patrols acquire door prizes with a value of $300 registration fees will be waived for that patrol’s team.)

Competition Guidelines

  1. The President’s Cup Advanced First Aid and OSR competition is a Zone training event.
  2. As this is a zone event all patrollers, unless otherwise informed by the Zone will be in full uniform.
  3. Patrollers must have passed their ski evaluation to participate in any capacity.


  1. All CSP alpine, nordic and paid patrols are strongly encouraged to enter at least one team in the Central Zone President’s Cup advanced first aid and on snow rescue competition.
  2. Patrols wishing to enter more than one team may do so at the discretion of the Central Zone President’s Cup Planning Committee.
  3. Due to the cancellation of the Ontario Division Competition, this is also the Ontario Division Qualifier to go to the National First Aid Competition in Calgary.

Team Description

  1. Team members must:
    1. have all records in NZIMS (or NDS) up to date;
    1. be patrollers in good standing;
    1. have passed the CSP ski evaluation; and
    1. be in uniform to compete;
    1. follow CSP regulations and guidelines at all times.
  2. At least one team member must be OSR certified. Team members that are not OSR certified must be identified and they will not be required to drive a loaded or unloaded toboggan. The team will not be penalized.
  3. Each team will be made up of three patrollers. – A fourth team member is recommended for backup purposes and should attend the competition for the same reason.
  4. Teams are encouraged to have at least one new patroller on the team.
  5. No Team member shall be a current member of the President’s Cup Planning Committee.

Competition Rules

  1. Coaches may not speak to their teams during the competition;
  2. Team members or coaches may not discuss skills or competition details until the close of the competition;
  3. Spectators or coaches may not assist teams in any way;
  4. The President’s Cup Planning Committee may disqualify or penalize any team that takes an unfair advantage or is given assistance from outside their team members. Any such action by the President’s Cup Planning Committee is final.

Skills and Equipment

  1. Patrollers may only bring a standard first aid kit, vest or back pack that is equipped with the standard supplies recommended for a kit in the manual.
  2. Kit inspections may happen at any time and President’s Cup marshals may remove supplies or equipment from a patroller. Anything removed from a patroller will be returned at the completion of the competition.
  3. All required equipment and supplies other than a patroller’s personal kit will be supplied at the competition and every effort will be made to ensure everyone has access to the same quality of supplies or equipment.


  1. Each team may only receive one award. As each award is decided that team is withdrawn from the other awards. In order: the first team is the overall winner, the AFA winner and finally the OSR winner. If there is a nordic team then the highest score would receive the nordic award. Only teams from Central Zone may win an award in the President’s Cup.
  2. The Ontario Division Representatives will decide and award the winner of the Ontario Division First Aid Competition and this winning team will be asked to represent Ontario at the National First Aid Competition.


  1. Team registrations must be entered into NZIMS 5 days prior (January 27, 2020) to the President’s Cup Competition.
  2. Registration in NZIMS will be considered as a request to visit and granted, therefore eliminating the need to call the Patrol Leader.
  3. Team’s registration must be paid in full prior to registering on the morning of the competition.

Duties and Appeal

  1. Any exceptions to the entry rules must be made with written notification to the President’s Cup Planning Committee. Teams not following these rules will be disqualified.
  2. The Vice President of Training or his representative shall be the acting Head Marshall for the competition. The Vice President of Training shall resolve any dispute, disagreements or conflicts prior to, during or after the competition. Their discretion shall be final and binding